Rent A Condo In Bangkok As A Foreigner

How to Rent a Condo in Bangkok (as a Foreiger)

When you want to rent a condo in Bangkok, the process can be intimidating at first.

There is a different language, culture and different websites to help you. And of course each city has its unique flare and tricks that newcomers may not be aware of.

I moved to live in Bangkok as an expat in January 2018. After 2 short-term and 1 long-term rentals I still know the frustration finding a nice place to live here.

This blog is made for you to find a better home faster with your budget. You will also find all the necessary tools and services unique to Bangkok.

Before You Rent a Condo in Bangkok

If you have experience of renting a place in Bangkok before, you already have a head-start. Local experience is always a big ++. If you don’t have experience yet, that’s still ok!

Asking a friend or a local person for advice is a great idea! When I was looking for my first long-term rental in Bangkok, I used a real estate agent to help me. With her help I was able find a nice condo near Sukhumvit BTS line only 15,000 baht per month.

Using a professional english-speaking real estate agent to help you can be smart as using agents is free. They only get paid by the landlord after you have made a contract and have the keys in your pocket.

Things you need before you rent a condo:

  • A Passport (and a digital copy of the first page and visa stamp)
  • Money for 1-2 Month Deposit + First month rent (cash or transfer)

What also helps:

  • Ability to visit the condo before you make a rental contract
  • English speaking real estate agent or somebody to help you who can speak Thai with the owner

What is not needed to make a contract:

  • A work permit
  • A long-term visa

Once you have the required things, you can now start finding a condo or an apartment…

Condo or Apartment – What’s the difference?

Condo or apartment - which one to rent in bangkok

Condos (condominiums) in Thailand probably are different than in your home country. Condos are almost the same as apartments. But condos come with extra facilities and luxuries which also make condos a bit more expensive.

Luckily Bangkok is not too expensive for a metropolitan city. So many foreigners prefer condos over any other way of living.

Common facilities and luxuries for condos:

  • Gym/fitness room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Garden
  • Has many floors
  • A restaurant or a shop for residents (like 7-Eleven or Family Mart)
  • Lobby downstairs (similar to hotels)
  • Parking area for motorbikes and cars
  • 24/7 Security
  • Juristic office (to take care of the maintenance of the building. They also receive your mail and parcels so you don’t have to be at home to receive packages from online shopping)

Determine Your Max Budget and Condo Requirements

Bangkok Apartments start from 5,000 baht per month. But condos start typically from 10,000 Baht up to about 60,000 Baht per month. Condos get more expensive the higher you go inside the condo and the closer it is to the BTS or MRT stations.

Rent In Bangkok Price Per Sqm

What can you get with your budget?

5,000 Baht Apartment

You can get a decent sized room that can fit a queen sized bed with a private shower and a toilet but probably not a kitchen. Also the area may be a little bit far from BTS and MRT lines. My soon-to-be wife used to live in an apartment like this near Victory Monument area. Her rent was 4,500 Baht rent + water and electricity. The apartment was located on 1st floor so mosquitoes or cockroaches were a common sight.

10,000 Baht Condo

Now you can start expecting a little bit better quality of living. You can rent a small older condo maybe 600m to 1km away from BTS or MRT stations. You may get a small kitchen inside your condo already. Downside is that you usually have to settle to live between 1st and 6th floors. But as a bonus you may already get a pool and a resident only area to hangout.

15,000 Baht Condo

I currently live in a 2014 built 38 sqm condo for 15,000 Baht rent. It has a kitchen with a closable door (for keeping the smell inside kitchen), a bedroom with king-sized bed, a balcony, a washing machine, a separate living room and a private toilet. The condo has 30 floors. On the top floor there’s a garden and a small gym that, a 25 meter infinity pool and 1 sauna for men and 1 for women. Security is always on the premise 24/7. There is is a private family mart for the residents of the condo which is very convenient. Distance to BTS station is about 700m and the BTS ride to Asok is only 15 minutes. Downside is that I live in 4th floor. The landlord had exactly the same room in the same condo with exact same furniture in 18th floor but the rent was already 18,000 Baht. That room was off my budget at the time and I didn’t want to pay 3,000 Baht per month only for a better view.

A friend of mine also pays 15,000 Baht for his 75 sqm condo. But the ondo is a bit older, no gym and its a already about 1.3 km away from BTS line. It is not a big problem as he has motorbike taxis to commute to the BTS. His condo has the benefit of having 2 bedrooms, 2 balconies a bigger living room and kitchen. But the kitchen does not have a closable door. A noticeable thing is that the room height is quite low.

20,000 Baht Condo:

With 20,000 Baht you can either get a similar condo as 15,000 Baht but its either:
– The room is located in higher floors
– The condo is closer to MRT or BTS stations
– Its closer to Asok or Siam
– Newer is more expensive
– Has better features or more rooms

25 000 Baht Condo

One of my friend moved to live in a condo which was listed for 32 000 Baht and he was able to negotiate the rent down to 25 000 Baht with his rental agent. The condo is very new an its located in Asok. The room has a big kitchen (no closable door), a spacious living room and one big bedroom. The room is in 22nd floor and I heard the condo has a nice sauna but I didn’t visit there. It also has a gym, a pool, security etc. features you are expecting from a condo in this price range. The price of the condo is high because of its newness and location in Asok, even though its still about 800m from the actual BTS station.

30,000 Baht Condo and up

Now its really just about how much more bedrooms, convenience and luxury you want for your condo.

Best Areas To Live in Bangkok (as a Foreigner)

Popular areas for foreigners. Original Image altered from:

Bangkok is a really big city and there is a lot of things to do in almost every area. Here are some ideas where you may want to live at:
(Popular areas are on the left & unpopular areas are on the right)

1. Areas on BTS line: Mo Chit to On Nut
(most popular choice for foreigners)

  • Low-price: Victory Monument, Ari, Sapham Khwai
  • Mid-price: Phra Khanong, On Nut, Ratchathewi
  • Higher-price: Phrom Phong, Nana, Ekkamai, Mo Chit Thong Lo, Phaya Thai
  • Highest-price: Asok, Chit Lom, Ploen Chit, Siam

2. Areas on MRT line from Hua Lamphong to Tao Poon

  • Low-price: Tao Poon
  • Mid-price: Phra Ram 9, Khlong Toei, Thailand Cultural Centre, Phahon Yothin, Huai Khwang, Ratchadaphisek, Sutthisan, Lat Phrao, Kamphaeng Phet
  • Higher-price: Phetchaburi, Queen Sirikit, Sam Yan
  • Highest-price: Si Lom, Lumphini, Hua Lamphong

3. Areas on BTS line to National Stadium to Bang Wa

  • Low-price: Bang Wa, Talat Phlu, Wutthakat
  • Mid-price: Krung Thon Buri, Wongwian Yai, Pho Nimit
  • Higher-price: Saphan Taksin, Chong Nonsi
  • Highest-price: Sala Daeng, Ratchadamri, National Stadium, Surasak

4. Areas on Airport Link
(least popular choice for foreigners)

  • Low-price: Hua Mak, Lat Krabang
  • Mid-price: Ramkhamhaeng
  • Higher-price: Ratchaprarop, Khlong Tan
  • Highest-price: Makkasan

Use These Websites And Facebook Groups To Find Condos And Get Ideas

Tools And Websites To Help You Rent A Condo In Bangkok

Rental Websites can help you find good rental deals. Also they can help you understand what you can get with your Budget.

However many of these websites are limited with their search functions. So you may have to spend some of time to find the ideal condo or apartment for your liking. Some Facebook groups can also be useful and you can get really good deals from them.

Here are the top websites to look for Rental Condos in Bangkok (in my opinion):

#1 Rental website:

My personal favourite for searching.
+ Easy to use and good search customisation options
+ Most detailed information about rooms and condos
– Takes a lot of time to find what you are looking for

#2 Rental website:

Best for using the interactive map
+ The map has really nice search functions and its fast
– Hard to find detailed information and detailed search is limited

#3 Facebook Group: “Take Over My Lease”

Foreigners want to move out from their current 6 or 12 month rental contracts. Via this channel you get to continue a previous tenants lease.
+ If you are looking for a short-time rental, you can find cheap 1-6 month rental deals here
+ People are previous tenants so you can ask them anything about the condo and they will usually be honest
– No search and no customisation
– You can make a request for a specific condo but you will be contacted by many agents and people that may vaguely fit your criteria

#4 Rental Service:

You can fill the form in 1 minute to tell what you are looking for and professionals will find a condo for you.
+ Fast and Free
+ You get help and support all the way
+ No pressure to sign contracts (We only allow professional real estate agencies to help you that do not tolerate pressure)
– You need to already have in idea what you want

The Best way to Find Condos & Apartments in Bangkok

When I started to look for a condo to live, I scoured through different websites for hours on multiple days. Finally I was able to narrow down my search to just 3 choices after multiple days. I then contacted the real estate agent who had the listings and made appointments to see the condos.

But just like for many others, none of my 3 choices were good enough for me. Luckily one of the 3 agents was a professional contacted me later. She suggested a condo to me with exactly my preferences. When I saw the pictures I set another appointment with her to see that condo. When I saw it the next day, I instantly fell in love with it. And that’s the condo I live in know.

That is when I realised it!

The best way to find a condo is to…

1) Tell your requirements to a good real estate agent what it is that you want to find.
2) Let them help you rent a condo in Bangkok.

If the agent cannot find the best condo for you right way. No need to worry. After a few visits you may find the perfect one. Sometimes you may want to change to another agent who has different listings or who can understand you better.

That’s why we set up our service. You just tell us your requirements via our contact form in 1 minute. Then we connect you to a professional real estate agent(s) to find that for you. A real estate expert will contact you within 24 hours.

Mistakes To Avoid When You Rent a Condo in Bangkok

Avoid These Mistakes When Renting A Condo

1. Getting Scammed

Most of the time everything is going well when you are renting a place. However sometimes your agent or landlord may want you to pay for things that you don’t have to. I know a guy who was shown a place worth 15,000 Baht but it was rented for 18,000 Baht. So every month they took extra 3,000 Baht/month from the customer as the rent was funnelled through the agent.

You never have to sign anything in a hurry. If something smells funny or doesn’t seem right, do a double check. There is never such a good deal that you cannot think about twice or just walk out from.

2. Settling For An ‘Okay’ Place

If you get frustrated or you are in a hurry you may settle to rent an okay condo in Bangkok. But after a while you may get annoyed by the loud highway or facilities that are missing. Or maybe the area is boring for you as it has no bars or restaurants nearby.

You may love living in Bangkok but it is equally as important to make sure you have a happy home. So make sure that you rent a place you can feel like being at home.

3. No Patience Or Flexibility

One of my personal requirements was to have the room in 8th floors or up. But my agent suggested that I would like this place a lot. And she were right! There were no tall buildings blocking my view from the windows and balcony. So the experience is still almost the same as living in higher floors but I got it 3,000 Baht cheaper.

Sometimes your idea of what you want may not be what you ultimately need (as we have learned from The Dark Knight). Its a good idea to know what you want but still keep an open mind for other options and ideas.

4. Final Price Wasn’t Negotiated

Renting is a 2-way deal. It has to be a good deal for the tenant and the landlord. Sometimes a landlord may be in a hurry to get a tenant. Present yourself as a reliable tenant who can pay the rent in time and causes no problem. If you have good reasoning you may ask for a lower rent than the condo is listed for.

Haggling requires a little bit initiative from your part and some negotiation skills. Just be polite and can make the landlord feel like they are still getting a good deal.

5. Not Seeing The Place Before Signing The Contract

There are small (and big) details that you can miss when you don’t see a place for yourself. Sometimes the surprises can be good but usually they are not.

That’s why its good to always see the place before you sign a contract. Or at least have someone else see the place for you who knows you and who you can trust.

If you are moving to Bangkok from abroad…

Look for condos online before-hand and set appointments with your real estate agent to see different places. You can live in a hotel or in a place from Airbnb before signing a long-term contract.

Next Steps

You can now start looking for a rental by yourself or fill our contact form in 1 minute. If you fill the form and tell us what you want, we will help you rent a condo in Bangkok quickly.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, you can leave a comment below this post. Or send us an email support(at) to get help.

You can also help you friends by sharing this post with the social buttons below.

Happy hunting!

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