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You Haven't found a
Condo For Rent in Bangkok,

Hard to search

You may want a nice balcony, blueish interior or a top-notch Kitchen or something unique. Search machines cannot find that for you unless you spend a lot of time searching.

Renting is different

You probably would have found a rental already if you had known how the market works. It takes experience and networking to find best rentals in Bangkok.

Help from wrong people

You do not want an agent who is pushing you to the deal or is only doing it because they have to. You want someone who really wants help you find your rental.

How to Rent the
Perfect Condo in Bangkok

  1. Fill the form (with your rental criteria)
  2. Get  3 hand-picked rental deals in 24 hours
    (don’t worry we’ll find you more if necessary)
  3. Go out and see your favourite rentals with our agent
  4. Find the best rental and Rent it!

Why try our service?

Tell us what you want and we help you rent
exactly the condo in Bangkok that you are looking for!

It's Free

Our service is risk-free. We simply connect you with the right agent to find you the best rental for you in Bangkok.

It's quick

We contact you in 24 hours, and send you listings that fit your criteria ASAP. Within 1-2 weeks you have a rental.

Real Estate Agents in Bangkok

It's Personal

We take your rental criteria and find what you want. Even if you have trouble speaking Thai, we can help you.

Who can we help?

Trust Real Estate Agent Bangkok

First Timers

Thai language barrier is not a problem. We'll help you every step of the way.

Home chefs

Home chefs

Want a break from Thai food at home? We'll get you the kitchenware you need.

People On Budget

Get more out of your budget, when you have experts helping you find a rental.

Condo Near BTS or MRT

BTS/MRT Commuters

Don't get stuck in traffic! Travel in Bangkok with BTS/MRT lines next to you.

Want a nice gym and fitness

Fitness oriented

Find a condo with a nice gym/fitness and a swimming pool or near a fitness center.

Pet friendly condo bangkok

Pet Owners

Have no problems with the landlord with a pet friendly condo in Bangkok.

Decorators who want a beautiful home


Looking for specific interior colors or furniture for a cozy home? We'll find it!

Home workers who want to work from home

Home Workers

Need a quiet, comfortable and creative workspace? Our experts are happy to help.


Need extra bedrooms, a park or a playground nearby? Let's keep the whole family happy!

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